This is probably the best school picture I've ever had taken. :)
  • P.S. If you'd like to check out my current list of favorite books (and, be advised, it changes sometimes), feel free to check out my list.

  • Hello, everyone! I'm Ms. Rachel Bargender, but you can call me Ms. B. I'm a graduate of Edgar High School, UW-Marathon County, and UW-Stevens Point, (and I wish I could add Hogwarts to that list). I'm an avid reader, a Goodreads reviewer, a notebook-keeper, an enthusiastic teacher, a movie-quoter, a sometime-drawer, a wannabe-baker, and a would-be traveler (though I make time every year to visit as many fictional places as I can--Eathesbury, 1800s England, 1940s Germany, and the Isle of Thisby to mention only a few.) I am convinced that I learn something from everyone who enters my classroom . . . and that I will never finish the list of books I want to read. ;)

One of my favorite poems.
  • I teach multiple sections of two high school-level classes:

    Creative Writing--in which we discover the joy of writing and of telling our own stories.

    English 11--in which we read, write, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

    You can also find out more information on my Google Classroom webpages.